Successful public-art art programs

A successul spray art program will significantly work to build citizenship and deter vandalism.  Hall marks of a anti-vandalism street art program

  • Registration of Artists

  • Artist or patrons pay to for artists to utilize surfaces for practice

  • Artists are paid for their work

  • All surfaces painted are developed as part of a project including these steps

    • Written permission from the property owner

    • Concept drawings

    • Permits

    • Personal protective equipment (PPE) when painting.

  • Require a minimum amount of community service (recommend graffiti vandalism reporting and removal and litter cleanups)


Examples coming soon
Correlation between Graffiti and Crime

Under certain conditions graffiti and other crimes may have a correlated and synergistic relationship.  This should not be confused with causality.

Failed Free Walls


The concept of the freewall or legal wall is a construct offered by the well meaning and misunderstanding authorities and citizens of cities.  The idea is that the people doing graffiiti vandalism "just need a place to do their 'art'".  However the mis-undertanding is that the point of most graffiti vandalism is to spread their "brand name" or moniker as far and wide as possible.  Damage and destruction is also a large part of the game.  Generally whereever there is a free wall the rest of the neighborhood takes a hit as well.


The following stories combat the notion that some how a small wall in a city will deter vandalism.  This is particularly evident when performing a graffiti census, and finding that the highest concentrations of vandalism are near the free wall.



Seattle list of freewalls

Broken Window Theory and Graffiti