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Our partnership with the LMPD is key to stopping existing graffiti vandals. The police are vital to getting vandals  off the streets and into anti-recidvism programs.  Their participation and cooperation is essential.  All tips provided to the Police or the Graffiti Abatement Coalition are discussed at the monthly task force meeting to ensure they are acted on.


911 - For Graffiti in progress and to report anything suspicious.

502-574-7111x5- For non emergency response: (i.e. crime is not in progress or to file a police report or have evidence picked up)

Website: http://louisvilleky.gov/government/police



Brightside is a public/private organization dedicated to the beautifcation of Louisville.  They are the most anti urban blight organization in Louisville that works to plant trees, survey and clean up litter, organize cleanups (including graffiti and perform various important education functions throughout the entire community.


Contact: Lorri Roberts

Email: Lorri.Roberts@louisvilleky.gov

Website: http://louisvilleky.gov/government/brightside/

Louisville Metro Police Department


Contributors are persons or entities that have donated significant time/money/resources to the Graffiti Abatement Coalition


Partners are organizations that work along side the Graffiti Abatement Coalition that participate to prevent and abate graffiti using evidence based methods and best practices.

Metro Louisville
Codes And Regulations
Metro Call 311 & MSD
Public Works

Whether you are using the app or making a call, these men and woman are the first line between the public and government for getting graffiti removed from a surface.  If you see Graffiti Call 311 to Report it and they will route it to Read it, Record it, and Remove it. 


Phone: 311 or 502-574-5000

App: Get the APP!

Website: http://louisvilleky.gov/government/metrocall-311



Public works is responsible for removing graffiti from public property such as signs and public buildings.


Best practices dictate that graffiti be removed from public property within 48 hours of it being reported.


To report graffiti on public property issue use 311

Codes and regulations have the hardest job.  When a private property is tagged, the best way to handle it is to remove it ASAP.  Codes and Regs are responsible for going out and providing an incentive to property owners to remove the graffiti in a timely fashion.


This practice can often leave property owners feeling double victimized:

  • once by the graffiti vandal

  • then by the city

Rest assured, that while it feels insulting and infuriating to have the city come in and tell a person to remove the graffiti, fines are only levied when it takes longer than 30 days to remove the graffiti.  In many areas of the city, assistance is available to have it done for free.




Website: Search existing graffiti violations

Website: http://louisvilleky.gov/government/codes-regulations


To report a property maintenance issue use 311.



Phone: 311 or 502-574-5000

App: Get the App!

Website: http://louisvilleky.gov/