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About us

The coalition was started in the spring of 2014.  The purpose and mission of the coalition is to bring about the use of best practices for the purposes of graffiti abatement and prevention at a city and state level.


This is accomplished by workiong to convince city and state goverment leaders to make policy adjustments that reflect academic research and other evidence based methods


There are many aspects of the system that need to work in synergy to accomplish the goal, some of the policies that have been the most interesting to the public are:


  • Advocacy for more public art

  • Graffiti prevention education in schools.

  • Uniform sentencing guildlines that focus on evidence based methods at reducing recidivism. (tough on crime methods work about as well as the war on drugs)

  • Reducing encarceration and large fines and adovacting restorative justice, and community service.

  • Open communication between the different department branches responsible for graffiti abatement.


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