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Keeping Louisville Graffiti  Vandalism-Free! 

Welcome to the Graffiti Abatement Coalition of Louisville. The goal of our organization is to prevent the spread of graffiti vandalism throughout the city of Louisville. On our site, you can learn more about our organization, see some of our completed projects, and find ways to get involved. We'd love your support as we strive to keep Louisville graffiti vandalism-free!

Graffiti Vandalism is a symptom and seed of urban blight. Help prevent urban blight in Metro Louisville by reporting problems such as graffiti, litter, damaged or aged signs and other metro issues.


The goal of the coalition is to encourange the City of Louisville to adopt the 48 hour gold standard for graffiti removal. Please send the RS# of any Graffiti not removed after it has been reported:

  • 1 week on public property

  • 1 month on private property

(these time frames will will be shortened as the city is able to meet it's obligations)


  • 2016 Graffiti Vandalism Census Starts April 16th - May 30th

  • GACL co-sponsoring Stree Mural photography contest.  2/23-2016 - 4/27/2016


  • 500$ Reward offered by Ketuckiana Crime Stoppers for information leading up to an arrest of a Graffiti Vandal.




The 2015 Annual Graffiti Vandalism Census report is now available!.  Click the button to find out how to participate in next year's census.

  • Streamline Metro 311 graffiti reporting pipeline so that all distributed property owners are informed when their property has been vandalised.

  • Ask Council Members to sign on to Graffiti Abatement Programs in their Districts

  • Have Kentucky Transportation Department Budget money for repair of vandalized panel signs.

  • Have the Metro Council strengthen existing ordinances:

    • Meet the graffiti removal gold standard of 48 hours for public property.

    • Extend Codes and Regulations ability to enforce graffiti removal on mobile structures

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